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When you are faced with a mold problem, Action 1 Restoration El Dorado is the best company to ask for help. To provide your business or home with the best mold cleanup services we use the finest tools, tools and team members. The type and extent of the mold you are faced with is why experts need to be hired to handle this type of problem for you. Action 1 Restoration of El Dorado is happy to provide our customers with the quality services that they deserve. Our expert team members do a robust investigation of your existing mold issues in order to be sure we eliminated any mold presence in your home. As soon as you notice any signs of mold, call us immediately. Some signs that you should watch for include water leaks, moldy smells and constant headaches.

Mold Inspections

It all starts with a diligent assessment of the test results to determine the appropriate mold removal solutions. A certified inspection can help analyze the development of mold and how extensive the damage is. Without a specialized mold inspection & testing, it's difficult to pinpoint the moisture level and what needs to be done to make sure it's regulated.

Experienced Services

A professional service is based on delivering an expert service. And considering this, our team members are always trained to be nothing short of totally specialized every single time. Apart from our partners doing criminal background checks, we use only the best training and motivation to encourage the techs. Plus, you can witness how experienced we are by hiring our mold removal experts.

Specialty Equipment

We use only industrial-grade equipment for all our jobs. This is so we can finish quickly and efficiently without affecting your everyday life too much. We also make sure that the equipment and chemicals we will use will not pose health risks. You can talk to our representatives to learn what equipment we are using before we start the process.

Highly Trained

Our specialists know exactly how to approach the problem. They have the know-how necessary to make a reliable assessment of your property for mold-related damage. They have an extensive knowledge of the different types of mold and they can use such knowledge to determine what equipment and procedures will work best for you. We place a high value on ongoing training and certifications that our team members need to have.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of El Dorado For Mold Services!

We offers our service at any time of day or night. Most people are not ready for an emergency, and when one occurs, they aren't sure what to do. Our emergency services are available 24/7 to come to your property and help with any water or mold disaster. When you contact our local office in El Dorado, Arkansas make sure to let us know some of the details you are having with the mold like: how much you see, how long it’s been there, if you have recently had damage from water or if you see a leaking pipe close by. That will help to ensure that we bring the right tools when coming out to your property. Your problem deserves and likely needs immediate resolution. Having the right information can help us achieve this quickly.

Here are a handful of our available emergency services:

  • Damage assessments leading to a cost estimates
  • The containment of any affected areas
  • Moisture and flood elimination
  • Removal of dead mold
  • Inventory possessions affected by mold - household possessions and property

Our Process to Help You

Our comprehensive and reliable process is used to eliminate mold. The initial step we take is a comprehensive inspection covering your entire property. We'll evaluate how extensive your damage is as a result of any mold formations. Once all the inspections and testing are completed, we start to remove the mold and we sanitize the entire area systematically. Finally, we use powerful sealants to effectively seal off the areas where mold is likely to grow. Not only do we seek to eliminate mold located on your property; our method also works to prevent any further growth. Only trained professionals can assist you. If you just hire any technician, you might find that your property is faced with same problem once again. Our techs have the proper skills to mitigate water and eliminate mold infestations.

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